Ukrainian journalists suspected the Deputy head of the SBU in fraudulent medicines

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in photobacteria of the security Service of Ukraine in Kiev. Archival photoUkrainian journalists suspected the Deputy head of the SBU in fraudulent medicines© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

Journalists suspected the first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence of the security Service of Ukraine Sergey Semochko in extortion and receiving kickbacks for the supply to Ukraine of American preparations for hemodialysis should be published in Tuesday’s investigation of the program «Our money with Denys Bigus».

According to journalists, the treatment of kidney failure Ukraine costs more than a quarter of a billion hryvnia per year (almost 8.9 million) and officials have for years bought drugs that have already been treated Ukrainian patients. «Technically it was a «scheme» requirements of the tender documents adjusted to the desired firm,» — said in the investigation.

In the investigation it is noted that in 2016-2017 economic counterintelligence of security service of Ukraine, which was led by Semochko, became interested in the scheme preparation of tender documentation and oblzdrav started to receive letters for his signature. They Semochko argued that the drugs that were previously purchased, can be replaced, but against the supplier of American medicine «Diavita», which the state would buy the necessary drugs, prosecuted.

The Director of the Department «dialysis» company «Diavita» Sergei Christinana told reporters that the way the security service of Ukraine wanted to receive bribes, as the proceedings were instituted after the firm refused to pay kickbacks. «It’s very important to show that not pay can not,» he said. According to Hristienko, «the years, the pharmaceutical business in Ukraine milked the budget and cut taxes using offshore schemes, and the SBU, which these schemes are known and seen for years milked the pharmaceutical business — earned that these schemes… don’t touch». The journalists referred to the amount of about 100-150 thousand dollars a year, which they claim has received the security service of Ukraine.

It is noted that while there was a trial of SB of Ukraine with a supplier of medicines, procurement of medicines was stopped, by killing at least 200 patients who have not received adequate assistance.

However, according to the investigation, Semochko is a Toyota Land Cruiser with the numbers registered to a nonexistent person. As stated in the material, towards his family decorated three houses, worth about eight million dollars in a gated community in the prestigious area of Koncha Zaspa near Kiev and the neighboring village of Kozin. His relatives, as stated in the investigation, regularly use the helicopter and allegedly have Russian citizenship. It is noted that the official Declaration of Semochko, like all employees of SB of Ukraine, 2016 classified, and he declined to comment this information, referring to the fact that it is personal.