Neo-Nazi who attacked migrants in Italy, repented

© AFP 2018 / Giuseppe Avaipable near the court building in Milan, Italy. Archival photoNeo-Nazi who attacked migrants in Italy, repented© AFP 2018 / Giuseppe Aresu

Italian Luca of Train, in early February, opened fire on African migrants in the city of Macerata, in court apologized to the victims and said that he has changed his views in prison, reports local media.

In a small town in the Central Marche region at the end of January, there was a whole chain of criminal events: the first swept the country the news of the death of 18-year-old Italian girls, Pamela Mastropietro. Her body was found dismembered in two small suitcases.

On suspicion in murder of the girl, who was being treated for drug addiction, arrested a migrant from Nigeria. He later admitted to dismembering her body. According to him, the girl died in his home from a drug overdose.

A few days after the discovery of the body, Mastropietro in Macerata happened street shooting: on the road of revenge, stood 28-year-old local resident of the Bow of Traini who hold extreme right-wing views. On Saturday morning, February 3, from the window of his car, he opened fire on African migrants. He travelled around the city by car about two hours, firing at dark-skinned foreigners from the gun. Six people were injured.

On Wednesday at the meeting where they considered the case of Trainee, the Prosecutor asked for 12 years imprisonment. The list of charges against him includes illegal possession of arms and ammunition, material damage and mass murder of racial hatred as an aggravating circumstance.

The total time which he could get for these items would be 22 years, however, the prosecution lowered their demands, given that Traini requested a simplified procedure for the conduct of the case and pleaded guilty.

According to the newspaper Repubblica, Traini addressed the court, reading out a five-page statement. In it he said that he «wanted justice for Pamela».

«In prison I realized that skin color doesn’t matter… I have no racial hatred. I apologize to the wounded. I wanted to punish drug dealers after the influx of news where she spoke about the spread of drugs because of migration. Even my ex-girlfriend used drugs. In prison, I have matured a new understanding of what happened,» said Traini, who looked calm and smiled.

According to him, conducted a psychological examination found that he had a difficult childhood: «I was told that I was not crazy and do not have borderline disorder.»

On the previous interrogation of Traini declared that does not repent and does not deny is made. He said that his goals were just drug dealers: If I had a racial hatred, I would attack the stores.»

The verdict in the case of a mass shooting may be pronounced on Wednesday, if the court has time to listen to all participants of the process.