Putin appointed Razvozhaeva the acting head of the Republic of Khakassia

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in potomacfever Putin and Mikhail Razvozhaev during the meeting. 3 Oct 2018Putin appointed Razvozhaeva the acting head of the Republic of Khakassia© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has appointed Mikhail Razvozhaeva acting head of the Republic of Khakassia. Relevant document published on the Kremlin website.

Razvozhaev will hold that office until the inauguration of the new elected head of the Republic. Previously, he worked as Deputy Minister for North Caucasus Affairs.

«The head of Khakassia Zimin resigned: clearly, he has refused the further struggle during the election campaign. But Siberia you know, there is already freezing at night, you need to bring to complete preparations for winter, not for a single day is to lose sight of social problems. There are many issues that require constant attention and not just attention, but the leadership of these complicated processes,» Putin said at a meeting with the new acting.

He noted that requests Razvozhaeva to work in the region of a month, to ensure clean and fair elections.

«And then I’m ready, I promise I’ll do it, you will return to Moscow and, of course, find application in the Federal authorities — he is now the Deputy Federal Minister in accordance with your knowledge, experience, and yours, in the best sense of the word, ambition,» added the President.

It Razvozhaev said that tomorrow morning will already be in Abakan.

The ninth of September in Khakassia Republic have passed elections of the head of the Republic. None of the candidates received the required election number of votes in the second round there were the acting head Viktor Zimin, received 44,81%, and Valentin Konovalov from the Communist party, scored of 32.42%. Third place was taken by Andrey Fishin from «Fair Russia» (at 11.23%), and the fourth was Alexander Machar from the Party of growth (6.61 percent).

Before the second round Zimin withdrew his candidacy, and later from participation in the elections refused and Fishin. In view of this, the second round has been pushed back another two weeks, he must go on 21 October. While the CEC announced that the elections will be, even if there will be only one candidate.