The court declared bankrupt devoid of a license Tagilbank

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The arbitration court of Sverdlovsk region on Wednesday decided to accept Tagilbank bankrupt and to open bankruptcy proceedings, reported in the files of arbitration cases.

«To recognize the debtor bankrupt and to open bankruptcy proceedings», – stated in the court documents.

Statement of Bank of Russia about a recognition the bankrupt Tailbone was recorded on September 3. The amount of the claim was 103,49 million rubles.

The Bank of Russia revoked the license of the Tailbone July 20. As noted by the regulator, the Bank’s activity for a long time was unprofitable due to the low efficiency of the used business model. In addition, the regulator revealed on the credit institution’s balance sheet assets recorded at a significantly inflated price.

Objective reflection of the value of these assets at the request of the Supervisory authority revealed that the deterioration of financial performance Tailbone, indicative of the presence in its activities the Foundation for the implementation of measures on prevention of insolvency (bankruptcy) and as a result, the real threat to interests of its creditors and depositors, also noted the Central Bank.