Customers are large state-owned banks in August have deduced from accounts of $7.3 billion

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Sharecompat photobacteria in the USA. Archival photoCustomers are large state-owned banks in August have deduced from accounts of $7.3 billion© RIA Novosti / Alexei Sharecompat the image Bank

The outflow of liquidity from the largest banks was in August of this year, 7.3 billion dollars, while the Russians increased the volume of investments in their accounts in some «daughters» of foreign banks, it follows from the analytical review of the Russian banking system, the analysts of Raiffeisenbank.

«Last week the CBR published statements of banks, which assess the distribution of the outflow of foreign exchange liquidity to banks. The published results, as we expected, show that the largest outflows of liquidity experienced the largest state-owned banks: the amount from Sberbank, VTB, GPB and banks Fund the consolidation of the banking sector individuals brought $ 1.3 billion, and the legal person — $ 6 billion. While some private banks, mostly subsidiaries of foreign banks, by contrast, saw an influx of funds, but in a much smaller volume than was withdrawn from the state banks» — analysts say.

The authors linked this trend with concerns about possible Western sanctions against Russian banks. In their opinion, the probability of imposition of sanctions in the form of a ban on payments in dollars for them are minimal. In August, the us Congress introduced a bill with a whole set of anti-Russian measures, RIA Novosti interviewed experts noted that state-owned banks wording in the document is vague, so potentially it can lead to a ban on payments in dollars.

«The EU, most likely, will not support such sanctions, as they would threaten Russian gas supplies. But the possibility of sanctions creates obstacles for inflow of foreign currency liquidity from Russian exporters to the Russian banks. It is worth noting that the US may take a tougher stance against Russia in case of victory of the Democrats for the results of the midterm congressional elections,» concluded the analysts of Raiffeisenbank.

On Monday, Bloomberg called the Russian «daughter» of another foreign Bank — Citibank — an unexpected beneficiary of the escalation of the risk of sanctions against the Russian banking system. According to the Agency, the Bank was the maximum net inflow of foreign currency accounts of physical persons in banks.