In Canada, commented, «cyber attacks», OPCW

© AFP 2018 / Geoff RobinsЗдание of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa. Archival photoIn Canada, commented, «cyber attacks», OPCW© AFP 2018 / Geoff Robins

Attempted cyber attacks on the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) violates international law, said foreign Affairs Canada.

«Incidents identified by Canada and our allies, including GRU’s attempt to undermine the work of the OPCW shows the disregard of the government rules-based international order, international law and established norms», — is spoken in the statement published on the official website of the Department.

Earlier, the head of the Dutch defense Department ANC Beyleveld said that Dutch security services have prevented a hacker attack on the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), which allegedly tried to carry out four citizens of Russia. According to Dutch military intelligence, suspects the Russians were expelled from the territory of the Netherlands 13 April, they had diplomatic passports.

The Russian foreign Ministry, these accusations are called the Western spy. The source in the Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow has access to the organization, so the charges are absolutely baseless.