In Latvia decided to rename the police to the state security Service

© The state police Latualatuka the police. Archive photoIn Latvia decided to rename the police to the state security Service© the State police of Latvia

The diet of Latvia on Thursday in the final reading adopted amendments to the law on the state intelligence services, providing for the renaming of the security Police (SP) in the state security Service.

«Amendments adopted to improve regulation of the activities of all three state security agencies: the Office for the protection of the Constitution (counter-intelligence), military intelligence and IB,» — said the press service of the Parliament.

The security police is one of three state security agencies involved in counterintelligence, protection of the constitutional order of the state, economic security, protection of state secrets, terrorism, the protection of senior state officials and pre-trial investigation.

Change the name of the PB is justified by the need to change it to the corresponding names of the internal security services of most European and democratic States and not causing associations with the responsibilities that the police routinely performs.

The amendments will enter into force on 1 January 2019.