In the Rostov region, called the priority development of small and medium business

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petalive in Rostov-on-don. Archival photoIn the Rostov region, called the priority development of small and medium business© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

The development of small and medium entrepreneurship is one of the main priorities set out in the draft strategy for socio-economic development of the Rostov region till 2030, said the Deputy Governor Yuri Molodchenko.

Thursday in Rostov-on-don held an expanded meeting of Council of regions of the Russian public organization of small and average business «Support of Russia».

«We have the Strategy-2030, in all forecasting documents small and medium enterprises is a priority,» he said Molodchenko. He explained that the financial support of this direction in the regional budget annually increases. In addition, the region has about 15 support measures, as well as about 50 institutions supporting small and medium businesses, including microfinance institutions, guarantee Fund, leasing company.

«We need to make business we had to do comfortably and the rules of the game were transparent,» he said Molodchenko.

According to the President of «OPORA Russia» Alexander Kalinin, the authorities of the Rostov region understands the importance of dialogue between business, society and government. «As a result, people trust each other and invest in the economy,» he said, stressing the importance for development of the region not only public investment but also private investment.

According to Solodchenko, today Rostov region is one of ten regions in the territory of which was 175 thousand subjects of small and average business, this is the fifth part of GRP. In small and average business occupied a third of the working population of the region.

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