The audience of «the Voice of 60+» will help Russians with BASS «disease Stephen Hawking»

© AP Photo / Invision/Joel RyanБританский scientist Stephen HawkingThe audience of «the Voice of 60+» will help Russians with BASS «disease Stephen Hawking»© AP Photo / Invision/Joel Ryan

The first channel will transfer the funds collected during the audience voting in the final of «the Voice of 60+» to the needs of Russians suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), which was sick by the famous British scientist Stephen Hawking, said the Directorate of public relations channel.

On Friday, October 5, live on the First channel will be the final show of «the Voice of 60+», which in the result of the audience voting will determine the winner of the 1st season. In the final phase of the project came Sergey Manukyan and Natalia Spivak (team of Valery Meladze), Eugene Strugatsky and Victor Zuyev (team Lev Leshchenko), Olga Muravina and Lydia Muzaleva (Pelageya), Nikolay Arutyunov and Nikolai Agutin (Agutin, Leonid).

«The income of the First channel and other partners, assembled during the audience voting this Friday, will be transferred to the charity Fund helping people with als «Live in the now»», — stated in the message.

Side (lateral) als is called Lou Gehrig’s disease. Is a slowly progressive, incurable degenerative disease of the Central nervous system in which there is a loss of both upper and lower motor neurons, leading to paralysis and subsequent muscle atrophy. In the case of respiratory infections or failure of respiratory muscles, the disease leads to death.

The problem is the BASS has attracted widespread attention after the death in March of the world-famous British theoretical physicist Stephen William Hawking suffering from the disease.