The Russians will choose compatriots, whose names complement the names of the airports

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Poweroperated in photobacteria Platov airport complex in Rostov-on-don. Archival photoThe Russians will choose compatriots, whose names complement the names of the airports© RIA Novosti / Sergey Poweroperated the image Bank

The Russians in the framework of the project «Great names of Russia» will be able to nominate outstanding compatriots, whose names complement the official names of airports, told reporters Secretary of the Public chamber Valery Fadeev.

In the framework of this national project the official name 45 Russian airports international and Federal importance can be supplemented with the names of famous Russian figures from different eras.

«The voting will be public, mass. There will be special sites for voting, in the regions main operator, expects the Public chamber of regions… First on the basis of interviews will be drawn up a «long» list of proposed names that will be assigned to airports, but then local residents will be able to make new additional names. This is the procedure we are now considering. No one name should not remain without attention», — said Fadeev.

He also noted that in the framework of the project at each airport appears a thematic exhibition, «may multimedia» to «passengers passing through the airport, found out something about this person». «This will require money. Involved Association of the airports in our work. They are ready — private companies are willing to spend the money,» — said Fadeev.

In turn, the special representative of Russian President for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi told reporters that he believes this public initiative is very important.

«I think the project itself is quite reasonable… It is not only Patriotic, but also educational in nature, because very often people have trouble imagining what names are connected one or another territory, a region, a particular city,» he said.

Shvydkoi added that it will be developed the voting mechanism. «You need to select those names that really consolidate the society and understood by the residents of a region,» he said.