Central office SK took control of the case of a major accident near Tver

© Photo : courtesy of the government of the Tver oblastima the scene of an accident in the Tver region. October 5, 2018Central office SK took control of the case of a major accident near Tver© Photo : provided by the government of the Tver region

Central office SK of Russia has taken control of the case of the death of 13 people in a road accident near Tver, according to the channel of the RF IC in your WhatsApp.

«A criminal case of a fatal accident in the Tver region is taken on control in Central office SK of Russia. After an accident involving a Shuttle bus opened a criminal case on the fact of rendering services not meeting safety requirements, which entailed by negligence the death of 13 people,» — said in the message.

It is noted that at the scene, investigators and criminologists of the regional units of the RF IC. In addition, in the motor transportation enterprises required technical documentation and information about activities on the safety of passenger transportation.

The accident happened in the Kalinin district, Tver region near the village of Nekrasovo about 7.50 GMT. Faced trip bus a LiAZ, EN route from Rzhev, and a Ford Transit minibus traveling from Tver. According to the MOE, the accident injured 17 people, 13 of them were killed. All the dead were traveling in the bus.

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