Earthquake in Hokkaido was not felt in the far East

© 2018 AFP / Frederick Florin a Seismograph. Archival photoEarthquake in Hokkaido was not felt in the far East© 2018 AFP / Frederick Florin

Residents of the Russian Far East did not feel the earthquake on Friday occurred on the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, told RIA Novosti the seismologists in the region.

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake occurred in the southern part of the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Its epicenter was at a depth of 30 kilometers. The greatest strength of the shocks was 5 on the Japanese seven-point scale. There is no tsunami threat. According to preliminary data, one person was injured.

The chief of the seismic station «Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk» Elena Semenova told the news Agency that the earthquake in Sakhalin was not felt.

«Also stations in the Kuril Islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan data amusement of the earthquake was not filed. Seismoisolation was not the force that was felt in the region,» — said seismologist.

The representative of the regional information-processing centre «Vladivostok» of the Russian service tsunami warning also noted that in Primorye earthquake in Hokkaido is not felt.