In Karelia, the businessman demanded from the journalist to five million rubles for «moral suffering»

© RIA Novosti / Yakov Androider courtroom. Archival photoIn Karelia, the businessman demanded from the journalist to five million rubles for «moral suffering»© RIA Novosti / Yakov Andreev

Petrozavodsk city court began on Friday to the consideration of the claim to businessman Vitaly Shanin to the journalist Alexey Vladimirov with the requirement to pay five million rubles for moral suffering after publications in mass-media, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«Due to the fact that the text of the publications contain information about the illegal activities of my client, he had certain moral emotions, disorders. My principal sought advice from a psychologist about moral feelings, and the claim amount is equal to the suffering he has experienced,» said the plaintiff’s attorney Irina Stavrova.

Vladimirov (pseudonym, real name Alexey Alekseev) in January and June 2018 published in the local Internet-edition «Blueberries» are two articles that about Petrozavodsk on the career Soligorskoe cemetery, OOO «development group» illegally mining sand mixture.

The sand mined near the sanitary protection zone of the cemetery on anthrax, and exported the bowels can be dangerous. In the publications it was stated that the company actually manages businessman Shanin.

According to the government of the Republic of Karelia, the Russian defense Ministry has concluded with «development group» of the contract of uncompensated use of land. According to the document, the land plot is offered for purposes not connected with construction, for 11 months. The agreement States that «development group» has the right to the development and use of mineral, water or other natural resources located on the site.

«However, in the course of raids it was established (and this clearly convinced the participants at the retreat) that the company «development group» is actively engaged in production», — have informed in the regional Ministry of environment. In the end, the government of Karelia has banned the extraction of sand in the career.

Shanin felt that the information in the publication was untrue and demanded «to recognise the information disseminated Vladimirov, articles untrue, diminishing the honor, dignity and business reputation Shanina Vitaliy Viktorovich», and asked the court to recover from Vladimirov five million rubles as compensation for moral suffering.

In addition, Shanin said that has nothing to do with «development group». Attorney Shanin and the representative of open company «development group» Alexey Lobov in court, denied the involvement of the plaintiff to the company.

The trial will continue on October 31.