In Orenburg will consider the question of revocation of authority arrested the mayor Arapova

© Photo : MO Orenburg, 2010-2015Мэрия city of Orenburg. Archive photoIn Orenburg will consider the question of revocation of authority arrested the mayor Arapova© Photo : MO Orenburg, 2010-2015

Members of the city Council of Orenburg on October 8 will consider a question on deprivation of powers of the head of the city Yevgeny Arapov, who was arrested for multiple counts of receiving a bribe in a large size, have informed in a press-service of the Governor of the Orenburg region.

Earlier Arapov was arrested for receiving bribes and arrested for two months. According to investigators, Arapov with his Deputy Borisov received from the CEO of a commercial organization the money for the shelter in the sphere of construction and sale of real estate in Orenburg, with 400 thousand rubles owed Arapov, and 200 thousand — Borisov. In addition, the investigators found in a safe workplace Arapova 4.2 million rubles, the consequence establishes their origin. Borisov was released from custody under house arrest. In the course of the investigation, the investigators revealed a new fact of receiving a bribe by Arapova, he received from the construction organizations an apartment worth over 3 million rubles for the overall protection.

«During the working meeting of Governor of the region Yuri Berg with the deputies of the Orenburg city Council decided to hold an extraordinary meeting of the city Council, which will consider the issue of termination of powers of the head of the city Yevgeny Arapov», — reported in a press-service of the head region.

«Almost two months, the regional center remains without a head. The situation discreditied municipal authorities in Orenburg and you can’t effectively solve issues of local importance. Monday, October 8, will gather an extraordinary meeting of the city Council and will take the necessary decision», — quoted the press service of the President of the city Parliament Olga Beresneva.

According to the Governor of the region, must do everything to ensure the normal management of Orenburg.

«The city is more than ever necessary to head in a legal status. The basis of the city budget. Starts the heating period, preparations for the winter. It is necessary to ensure smooth operation of all services. This should be done by the head of Orenburg, which will fully perform their duties,» — said Yuri Berg.

After the arrest of the mayor of Orenburg duties of the mayor takes his Deputy Sergey Nikolaev.