In Ukraine, told about «plan B» in case of starting the «Nord stream — 2»

© Photo : Nord Stream 2Трубы for the construction of the pipeline Nord stream — 2 in the Finnish Kotka. Archive photoIn Ukraine, told about «plan B» in case of starting the «Nord stream — 2»© Photo : Nord Stream 2

Commercial Director of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko told about the presence in Kiev of «plan B» in case of starting the «Nord stream — 2». He stated this in an interview Ukrainian «Fifth channel».

He noted that Ukraine has already appealed to international arbitration with the claim to Russia for compensation for damage allegedly will suffer as a result of running the pipeline and idle the transmission system. The losses, according to estimates of Kyiv, will amount to $ 12 billion.

According to Vitrenko, in this case it will be «just compensation foregone tariff revenue» and not about the level of the tariff for gas transit as such.

Other plans of Kiev

In Kiev has repeatedly stated that we want to remain a transit country for Russian gas to Europe. The current transit contract expires at the end of 2019. In this regard, Ukraine is categorically against the construction of new gas pipelines bypassing its territory.

Previously, Kiev has repeatedly developed plans to counter the implementation of the «Nord stream-2». So, in June the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called «Nord stream — 2» «absolutely politicized project, which is directed against Ukraine» and announced plans to create the EU group, which would stop the construction of the «Nord stream — 2». The establishment of the group and remained in the project.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba also proposed a way to reduce the damage from the «Nord stream — 2». In his opinion, should be included in the contract item on the guaranteed supply of gas through the territory of Ukraine.

«Sweeny stream-2»

The project «Northern stream — 2» involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. The fuel line is planned to be build next to the «Nord stream».

Against the implementation of the project several countries, in particular Ukraine. In Kiev are afraid to lose profit from the transit of Russian gas to Europe. The United States also opposed the construction of the pipeline as hatching plans to export LNG to the EU. In addition, the leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland believe the project is politically motivated.
Russia has repeatedly urged not to take the pipeline as a tool of influence. According to Vladimir Putin, Moscow refers to the project solely as an economic.