Lawyer Yanukovych said about the mathematical abilities of the client

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The lawyer of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Alexander Gorodinsky said that his client has a phenomenal mathematical ability, so in 2013 it calculated the potential losses from the signing of the Association agreement EU-Ukraine suspended the process of signing the agreement.

Earlier, the court proceeded to the stage of debate. Already made public and one private lawyers of Yanukovych. Now acts as a private attorney Alexander Gorodinsky, the court gave time 5, 8 and 10 October. For performances Yanukovych, the court has scheduled October 12, however, refused to summon him to a meeting in the framework of international legal assistance.

«Firstly, Viktor Yanukovych’s phenomenal memory. Second, he considers phenomenal. He has a mathematical component is really phenomenal, I’m not exaggerating. Viktor Yanukovych decided that the Association agreement, which was proposed by the EU, would bring harm to Ukraine in the amount of 200 billion dollars», — said Gorodinsky during the meeting.

According to him, the conditions of the Association agreement were extremely unfavorable and, if Yanukovych signed the agreement, he would have committed a crime.

«Viktor Yanukovych is the only person who did more than all the other that this agreement (on Association with the EU – ed.) was signed. At the moment when he became President, he declared the course chosen by Ukraine – European integration. He and his team did more than all the rest of Ukraine to the verge of this agreement. But the agreement was suspended… It was extremely profitable,» — said Gorodinsky.

The court in late June of 2017 began its consideration of the merits of treason against Yanukovych. This is one of a number of criminal cases which the new government of Ukraine brought against the former head of state after the coup in 2014. In the case of treason, the Prosecutor’s office was going to demand in court for Yanukovych life imprisonment, but later the prosecution asked to appoint Yanukovych sentence of 15 years imprisonment. The ex-President categorically denies any wrongdoing.