Russian journalists showed the lab Lugar in Georgia

© Sputnik / StringerЛаборатория Lugar in GeorgiaRussian journalists showed the lab Lugar in Georgia© Sputnik / Stringer

Russian journalists were allowed to inspect the laboratory of the Richard Lugar in Tbilisi, suspected development of biological weapons, the correspondent of RIA Novosti, which was among the visitors.

Earlier, the management refused to let Russian and Georgian media.

Work of laboratory media representatives were introduced to the head of the scientific Council of the National centre for disease control and public health of Georgia, Paata Imnadze.

The first floor

The building is two floors. The first is the national collection of microorganisms. To remove a forbidden object, «as it can be adversely used by criminals,» said Imnadze.

Journalists were able to explore the area without cameras. The place resembles an office with a small laboratory rooms, partitioned glass. There is a diagnosis of microorganisms.

«As you can see, there is a transparent system. Nobody can secretly nothing to do. Throughout the building are cameras,» said Imnadze.

He said that in the summer, when vacationers at a ski resort children from Russia is sick, it is in these areas the Georgian specialists for a matter of hours set an accurate diagnosis. According to him, the children were taken to hospital in Tbilisi, their treatment was successful.

Second floor

Media representatives visited the second floor of a building in which a small part, according to Imnadze leased by specialists from the United States. At the moment there are three American.

According to officials, no research can begin without agreement with the Georgian side, including the study of American experts.

«It is the whole centre, no basements and hidden rooms we not, otherwise I would have missed,» said Imnadze RIA Novosti.

Most of the staff, which saw the Agency, were women.

Investigation Giorgadze

Earlier, the former Minister of state security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze appealed to Donald Trump to investigate the activities of the laboratory of the Richard Lugar near Tbilisi. He believes that it can conduct lethal experiments on human beings.

Giorgadze gave details about the death of the 30 people allegedly killed in December 2015 after the treatment in the laboratory of hepatitis C. In April and August of 2016 were killed, respectively, 30 and 13 people. In the column of cause of death is listed as «unknown» but the investigation was conducted. According to Giorgadze, in the papers did not contain the names, only numbers with dates of birth and gender.

According to the documents submitted by ex-Minister who died was treated with the drug «Cavaldi» American company «Gilead Sciences», which is owned by Donald Rumsfeld.

The Reaction Of The Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian defense Ministry analyzed Giorgadze provided the documents and came to the conclusion that working in the center Lugar Americans under the guise of treatment was tested on local residents toxic chemical.

In Russia «Cavaldi» is included in the register of medicines and casualties took him there. This suggests that the citizens of Georgia gave not him, but some other toxic drug, according to the defense Ministry.

In Moscow believe that the American and Georgian authorities try to hide the true content and focus of the military units of the US army, the study of particularly dangerous infectious diseases. The Georgian side calls fears were groundless and said that the lab is engaged exclusively in scientific research.© Photo : Republic of GeorgiaЛаборатория Richard Lugar in GeorgiaRussian journalists showed the lab Lugar in Georgia© Photo : Republic of GeorgiaЛаборатория Richard Lugar in Georgia