Sculpture barbarians will install next to «Kuzbass» on a mountain in Kemerovo

© RIA Novosti / Abram to Sternbergia in fotoboeken the Holy GreatMartyress Barbara Ripollesa<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/10/2fc35b104fb3691a07271a6c05240288.jpg" alt="Sculpture barbarians will install next to «Kuzbass» on a mountain in Kemerovo” />© RIA Novosti / Abram to Sternbergias the image Bank

The sculpture of the patroness of miners, St. Barbara’s plan to install on one of the mountains next to «Kuzbass», located on the edge of a pine forest on the right Bank of the Tom river in Kemerovo, the layout works well-known master Dashi Namdakov, told reporters on Friday the Governor of the region Sergey Tsivilev.

Saint Barbara Ripollesa (died 306 ad) — Christian Saint, the protector from sudden and violent death, the patroness of artillery, rocket troops, firefighters, miners, mountaineers, gardeners. In the Catholic Church is among the 14 Holy helpers. Revered by Orthodox, Catholic, Coptic and Anglican churches as a Saint.

«We discuss with our famous sculptor Dashi (by Namdakova) to design the layout St. Barbara, which we would put in place the cross on the mountain. Saint Barbara, along with the inscription «Kuzbass» (located on the next mountain) will be our calling card that we’d used for example in presentations. And she would have preserved, protected,» — said Tsivilev.

The head of the region noted that the barbarian is in all Christian denominations (Catholicism, for example, its name is Santa Barbara). «It would suit everyone,» he said.

Tsivilev said that the words «Kuzbass», which can be seen from several areas of the city, and it offers a panoramic view of the whole of the left Bank of Kemerovo, it is also planned to replace on new, perhaps in the same style with the sculpture.

The layout of the statue, the barbarians will be published to harmonize with the locals. The initial project, its height together with a pedestal can be 50 meters (35 meters sculpture itself, еще15 meters base). However, the work is still ongoing, and options are subject to change. «We want to make it nice and blend in with the terrain, would become a part of the nature that is there (pine forest), together with the inscription «Kuzbass», — said Tsivilev.

Great Martyr Barbara is popular in Kuzbass, where the coal mining is one of the basic sectors of the economy. In her honor, built several churches and chapels, and in the territory of the Museum-reserve «Red hill» in Kemerovo and a small monument.