«Support of Russia» has called for dialogue of citizens and businesses about the hostels in residential areas

© Photo : Alice Sharecapital Tsiolkovsky in Moscow. Archive photo«Support of Russia» has called for dialogue of citizens and businesses about the hostels in residential areas© Photo : Alice Zakharenko

All-Russian public organization of small and medium entrepreneurship «OPORA Russia» has directed to the State Duma of the Russian Federation the letter with the request to initiate the consideration of amendments to the bill on Housing code of the Russian Federation, where the conditions for the use of premises for accommodation of tourists, told RIA Novosti press-service of «Support of Russia».

In April 2018, the Russian government sent in the state Duma the project of amendments to the draft Housing code of the Russian Federation, which defines the conditions of use of premises (homes and apartments) for accommodation of tourists.

Representatives of public organizations consider the wave permits a sufficient measure of the decision meeting of owners in an apartment building with a special quorum. The letter also States that the draft amendments of the government of the Russian Federation gives housing authorities broad surveillance powers to monitor the activities of hotels operating in residential premises, including the right to carry out verification of compliance with the requirements of the law regardless of the consent of the citizens living in the living room, which can be regarded as a violation of the constitutional right of Russians to freedom of movement.

«Legal uncertainty in the period the prolonged discussion of the bill have formed a stable judicial practice shall be treated as premises used for accommodation of tourists (hostels, mini-hotels and the like), to public premises. On this basis, regardless of the opinions of neighbors, to decisions on closure. Moreover, under validation and closing does not rooming house and legal business as it is much easier to test a conscientious businessman,» the letter reads.

Vice-President «Support of Russia» Alexey Kozhevnikov believes that the hostels in apartment houses is a very difficult topic, both for government and for business.

«However, it is necessary to begin to discuss and find compromises – and with the residents of the houses and business that is developing this is extremely important for the development of domestic tourism in its price range segment of the market,» he explained RIA Novosti.

«The sector of small accommodation facilities in the regions is from 20 to 40% of the total market capacity of means of accommodation. And we, of course, represent the interests of businesses operating in the white zone and provides quality services», — commented he.