The foreign Ministry explained why the Russian experts will not go to the lab Lugar

© Photo : Republic of GeorgiaЛаборатория Richard Lugar to Georgia. Archive photoThe foreign Ministry explained why the Russian experts will not go to the lab Lugar© Photo : Republic of Georgia

The Russian foreign Ministry gave an exclusive review Sputnik Georgia about the situation around the Research center of public health Richard Lugar in Tbilisi. The Ministry said that the US is trying to mislead the international community regarding the true status of the laboratory, and Russian experts will visit Georgia to participate in the international seminar.

The hype around the center Lugar began after the scandalous statement of the former Minister of state security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze. He called on the President of the United States Donald trump to investigate the activities of the laboratory, where, according to him, may conduct experiments on human beings with fatal outcome. Later, the Russian defense Ministry has called the lab a constant source of biological threats.

«Of course, Russian companies will take part in this propaganda farce. 13 August in Geneva at the meeting of experts of States parties to the Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons Convention, the Russian delegation has already expressed its attitude to this dubious venture,» said the Minister.

Center, and Richard Lugar will host an international seminar on November 14-15. Among the participants will be bioexpert from more than 20 countries. Inviting Georgia and sent to the Russian side, but was refused.

As noted in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, built on the outskirts of Tbilisi, Alekseevka village, the laboratory of high level of biological protection is used in the interests of the United States for the study of pathogens of especially dangerous infectious diseases.

«On its territory, deployed the Management of medical research US army-Georgia. Us military, other US government agencies and their affiliates to pay operating expenses of the laboratory, including ensuring its security, as well as funding from field studies,» — said in a commentary.

The Ministry noted that to conceal the true nature and purpose of the Richard Lugar she formally included in the healthcare system of Georgia.

«This is all happening in close proximity to Russian borders and cannot be ignored by us on the subject of the analysis of the situation in the sphere of ensuring national security», — stressed the foreign Ministry.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia intends to use bilateral diplomatic channels to clarify the situation and plan further action.

Informed because of the hype associated with the center named after Lugar, the statement was made head of the National centre for disease control and public health of Georgia Amiran Gamkrelidze. He denied allegations that the centre is engaged in dangerous experiments and secret experiments on humans.

According to him, the operation is equipped with modern technologies centre, and Richard Lugar «is of great importance in terms of strengthening Biosafety in Georgia and in the region.»

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Codiscoverer of the defense Ministry. October 4, 2018The foreign Ministry explained why the Russian experts will not go to the lab Lugar© RIA Novosti / Alexey Codiscoverer of the defense Ministry. 4 Oct 2018