BMW recalls 467 cars Mini Countryman in Russia

© AP Photo / Chris CarlsonЛоготип of BMW. Archival photoBMW recalls 467 cars Mini Countryman in Russia© AP Photo / Chris Carlson

«BMW Rusland trading» (the official representative of the manufacturer of the Mini on the Russian market), 467 recalls Mini Countryman cars in Russia because of problems with the high pressure pump, according to the website of Rosstandart.

«Be Mini Countryman (series F60), implemented since January of 2017 and 2018, with the VIN-codes according to the application. The reason vehicles is the lack of protective casing for the high pressure pump. When a serious accident may damage the high pressure pump, in consequence of which may leak fuel. There is a possibility», — is spoken in the message.

On the recalled cars will be conducted the installation of protective casing of the high pressure pump. All repairs will be performed at no charge to owners.

Authorized representatives of the manufacturer «BMW Rusland trading» inform car owners about the need to deliver the vehicle to the nearest dealership for repairs.