In Russia, the producers proposed to create a Federal Agency for the wine industry

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria wine. Archival photoIn Russia, the producers proposed to create a Federal Agency for the wine industry© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Russian winemakers offer to create a Federal Agency that would be involved in the regulation of the wine industry and viticulture, said the participants of the all-Russian summit winemakers.

Speaking at the summit, the President of the Union of winegrowers and winemakers of Russia (SVVR) Leonid Popovich said that the Union discussed «the need for a Federal Agency for viticulture and winemaking». The business Ombudsman, the Chairman of the Board SVVR Boris Titov told reporters that the idea of establishing a single body is discussed in the context of the need to combine the regulation of the markets of vine and wine.

«In the design, which exists and which employs wine with a protected geographical indication (ZSU), regulated by the amount of excise stamps. This special mark only under ZGA, there are lower excise duties. For this to work, the number of brands of these ZSU must match the number of wines produced from Russian grapes, to match the amount of harvested grapes and correspond to the number of vineyards that we have,» — said Titov.

According to him, the whole chain needs to keep track of one organization. «Today control over the registry of vineyards is given to the regions and local administrations. They do not know how to do it,» — said Titov. The Agency, he added, should be functions of the wine industry. «This proposal from the Union of wine-growers, but, in fact, in General the proposal from the growers and winemakers, because everyone can see the problems that arise,» — said Titov. He added that the proposal was «being discussed». «While I can’t say I have any solutions. There can be several different scenarios, how to do it better. We take part in the discussion, but we believe all chances are there to make this happen,» said Titov.

Deputy Director of Department food and processing industry of the Ministry of agriculture Asya Marutyan told reporters that there is no clear decision on the need for a unified body. «Now there is such a regulator as the Ministry of Finance, he is subject to the Federal alcohol market regulatory service. The agriculture Ministry has been supporting the agricultural producers, therefore we do not claim to control and authority,» she said.

According to her, in case of duplication of functions among several organizations could eventually hurt the industry. «A very controversial issue, consensus on the date, no. This is a complex question, we need to estimate all: on the one hand, the interests of the industry, the development of it in General, and on the other hand, the efficiency of government regulation», — concluded the Marutyan.