In South Korea, activists launched balloons into North Korea with leaflets

© AP Photo / Lee Jin-mapcache North and South Korea. Archival photoIn South Korea, activists launched balloons into North Korea with leaflets© AP Photo / Lee Jin-man

A group of activists from South Korea once again launched a ten balloons with propaganda leaflets into North Korea, reports Yonhap news Agency citing the organisers.

Reportedly, members of the «Alliance of the movement for free North Korea» in the night of Saturday, sent from the border town of Gimpo at North Korea 300 thousand propaganda leaflets critical of «the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN», 300 brochures about the history of the development of society and economy in South Korea, as well as a thousand dollar bills. Activists said that eight out of ten balls successfully flew to the territory of the DPRK.

«We launched the leaflets because we consider wrong such a procedure when the summit talks between North and South Korea held without the procedures for denuclearization,» — said the representative of the Alliance, Park sang-HAK.

The agreement on the restoration of peace and cessation of all hostile acts, including the sending of promotional materials, was achieved at the summit, the DPRK and South Korea on April 27 in the border point Panmunjom. 1 may began dismantling the loudspeakers in the demilitarized zone, which was used before for waging a «psychological war» against the DPRK. Despite this, the «Alliance of the movement for free North Korea» continues its periodic launches of propaganda materials on the territory of the DPRK. In may, Alliance members launched into North Korea five balloons with 150 thousand propaganda leaflets.

The third inter-Korean summit was held in mid-September in Pyongyang. By the end the leaders signed a joint statement, and the Minister of defense of South Korea Seon-young, Mu and Minister of people’s armed forces of the DPRK But Kwang Chul signed the agreement in the military field. North Korea has pledged to close its nuclear test site in North Chanchani and to dismantle the nuclear facilities in Yongbyon. In addition, Seoul and Pyongyang agreed to cease large-scale artillery drills and military operations near the demilitarized zone to prevent incidents, to withdraw troops from the DMZ and disarm the staff of the border point Panmunjom, and create in the border areas of Japan and Yellow seas, 80-kilometer area, which will be held military exercises.