Juncker urged to keep dialogue with Russia after allegations of «cyber attacks»

© REUTERS / Vincent KesslerПрезидент of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, September 12, 2018Juncker urged to keep dialogue with Russia after allegations of «cyber attacks»© REUTERS / Vincent Kessler

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker urged the EU to maintain dialogue with Russia, despite recent events, with accusations against Moscow to «cyber attacks».

Yunker explained a similar need for reasons of security architecture.

He noted that currently in the EU there is a growing discontent against Russia, but urged to remain calm.

«I’m not ready to quarrel with Russia, even though I recently published a communiqué in Brussels criticizing the events in the Netherlands», — said the head of the European Commission in an interview with Standard.

Earlier, Juncker emphasized that the creation of a security architecture in Europe in the long term is possible only in cooperation with the Russian side.

On Thursday the Netherlands stated that the special services managed to prevent a hacker attack on the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). While Amsterdam has accused four Russians of cyber attack.

The authorities also said that the suspects with diplomatic passports and were deported from the Netherlands in mid-April of this year.
The Russian foreign Ministry called the accusations of Amsterdam «another orchestrated propaganda». The Ministry said that unleashed the «anti-Russian campaign of spy mania» causes significant damage to relations between Moscow and the Netherlands. Russian diplomats have also noticed that charges were made against the background of the upcoming December ninth session of the OPCW. The foreign Ministry stressed that this creates the «right» political background for wrongful initiatives.

Subsequent accusations were made by the United States and Canada, who stated about the involvement of «seven intelligence officers» to hacker attacks on the American electoral system, anti-doping laboratory, the nuclear company Westinghouse, stealing and posting money laundering with the use of cryptocurrency. While four of the suspects the American side of Russians — the same people who expelled the Netherlands.

As noted by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, Washington «poisons» the atmosphere of relations of Russia and the United States such accusations. The diplomat also warned that the escalation of tensions between the two nuclear powers is a hazardous.

Russia proposed to establish a joint working group on cyber security that would allow Moscow and Washington to cooperate in the sphere of information protection and non-interference in the internal Affairs of States. The United States has rejected this initiative.