Klimkin commented on the idea of closing the Russian Consulate in Ukraine

© AP Photo / Ronald ZakГлава the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. Archival photoKlimkin commented on the idea of closing the Russian Consulate in Ukraine© AP Photo / Ronald Zak

Ukraine is not going to close the Russian Consulate, because Moscow can meet the mirror. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin on air of TV channel «UA: Kharkov».

«We have no diplomatic relations with Russia on the content: we have no ambassadors, our diplomats are not engaged in any political or other activity. Our diplomats just help Ukrainians,» — said the Minister.

He noted that in Russia there are about three million of Ukrainians against them periodically «committed provocations,» therefore, the consular presence of Ukraine in the country is necessary.

«If we remove these consulates, then of course Russia will close our Consulate», — he stressed.

The Russian diplomatic mission in Ukraine are subject to attack. So, in September of radicals threw smoke the territory of the Russian trade mission in Kiev, was left on the fence hate graffiti, and cars of diplomats poured paint and filth. In may, the radicals attacked the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Konstantin Vorobyov, who laid flowers to the Eternal flame in honor of Victory Day, and in February staged a pogrom at the building of Rossotrudnichestvo.

Question about border

Speaking about the need to protect Ukrainians in Russia, Klimkin said that it does not approve those who go back to work. According to him, no trip to the neighbouring country cannot «not be safe».

With regard to travel of Russians to Ukraine, the foreign Minister noted the effectiveness of biometric systems at the border, which the Ukrainian government has introduced since the beginning of this year.

«But I believe that this is not enough, we need further steps, including the preliminary request of the Russian citizens that they go to Ukraine, it is possible that we need to look at their movement on the territory of Ukraine <…> of Course, the visas with Russia won’t help us», — he said.

The Minister also commented on the issue of complete overlap the border with Russia and the abolition of railway and bus traffic. Then, he said, needs discussion. «What we need to better control the border and those who cross the border is a hundred percent, I agree with that. What we urgently need to cover the entire border is a matter we must discuss,» he added Klimkin.

Against dual citizenship

The foreign Minister also commented on the fact that many Ukrainians get a second citizenship. He said that he is «categorically against» the legalization of such situations, especially if we are talking about obtaining a Russian passport.

According to him, Ukraine needs to introduce a new law that would allow it to regulate.

«And that’s the kind of obtaining Russian citizenship must accordingly be investigated by our intelligence agencies,» — said the Minister.

He added that he is ready to consider the possibility of introducing criminal liability for dual citizenship with Russia.

However, while obtaining the Ukrainians dual citizenship complicated relations of Kiev with Budapest. The scandal erupted after it became known that the Hungarian Consulate in Berehovo Hungarian issues passports to residents of the Transcarpathian region, and diplomats recommend to hide the fact of receiving the document from the Ukrainian authorities. Klimkin has accused Hungary of violating international law, the Ambassador in Kiev Erno Keskeny stated that Hungary has the right to give passports to everyone who has Hungarian roots. As a result, Kiev has declared the Hungarian Consul persona non grata and Budapest responded by mirror removal.

«Existential conflict»

Recently, the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has repeatedly issued strong and no substantiated accusations against Russia. So, he suspected her that she has placed nuclear weapons in Crimea, said that the Russian authorities allegedly specifically relocated to the Peninsula tens of thousands of people.

In addition, Klimkin claimed that Moscow allegedly creates tension in the Carpathians, although the deterioration of relations between Kiev and Budapest is connected first of all with the Ukrainian law on education, in which some European countries see the violation rights of national minorities.

And in mid-September, speaking at the forum «Yalta European strategy» in Kiev, the foreign Minister announced that Ukraine and Russia are in a state of existential conflict.

«There is no conflict that cannot be solved, but what is happening between us and the Russians, is the question of our existence, it’s an existential conflict, that is, it is completely different from when there is a struggle for something more,» — said Klimkin.

He added that he finds it unacceptable to compromise in the question «to be or not to be».

The Russian foreign Ministry statements by the Minister and other unfriendly actions of official Kiev described as an attempt to score points in the presidential race. In this case, said the foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian authorities ignore the long-term strategic interests of the country.

«Historically and geographically Russia and Ukraine from each other is not going anywhere. We are all destined to live together, building for this normal, good-neighborly relations. The statements of Ukrainian politicians of this simple fact will not change. But the historical choice will do not they and the people of Ukraine, in the wisdom which – as shown by the age-old experience of our joint existence – we have never had doubts,» — said in comments MFA.