Klitschko laughed left without hot water Kiev

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The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko joked that residents of the Ukrainian capital are forced to go without hot water. According to him, the presence of hot water in the apartments depends on gas supplies, which the difficulties arose about it reports «Ukrainian truth».

«I’m sorry, I again start to joke. What you need to cool the water became hot? To heat up. And what we heat water? Gas. And gas we now do not give» — said the mayor.

Answering the question about how the mayor dispenses hot water, Klitschko said that he «has the boiler».

He acknowledged that not all the inhabitants of Kiev can afford to install home water heaters, but noted that their installation will allow not to some extent depend on the Central water supply.

The situation with hot water in Kiev

It is reported that in the Ukrainian capital almost the whole summer there was no hot water in some districts of Kiev it is still missing.

Earlier «Naftogaz of Ukraine» declared that will not enter into a contract for the supply of gas to the municipal enterprise capital «Kievteploenergo», while Kiev will not pay the arrears.

The mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaly Klitschko was even intended to file a lawsuit against «Naftogaz» due to the fact that as a result of bickering between the parties in the three thousands of homes of the Ukrainian capital there is no hot water.

Recently, some media reported that in the nearest time «Naftogaz of Ukraine» and «Kievteploenergo» still planning to conclude a contract on gas supplies.

In early October, the utility was able to restore access to hot water some homes in Kiev, however, even according to official data, nearly nine and a half thousand buildings still lack hot water.

What other sayings of famous Vitali Klitschko

The mayor of Kiev is known for colorful remarks and sometimes absurd reservations. The original card Vitali Klitschko was the phrase: «And today in tomorrow not all can watch. Rather watch can not just all, few people can do it».

Speaking about the preparation for the heating season, the mayor urged inhabitants of Kiev to «prepare the ground».

Arithmetic he, too, had difficulties. The TV channel TSN Klitschko said: «I Have two Deputy, four of which lie in a month the Cabinet of Ministers».

Once Klitschko during the presentation of the anthem of Kiev mixed it with the anthem of Ukraine.