Peskov said that Putin will hold a birthday

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President Vladimir Putin will hold a birthday party in a circle of relatives and friends, said RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

The seventh of October, the President will be 66 years old.

One of the guests will be former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He wrote in Facebook that are already banned in Russia.

«Flying in an airplane on the day of birth to my friend Vladimir Putin. I will take the opportunity to discuss all the most important international issues», — stated in the post.

As he wrote to Italian media, Berlusconi intends to visit a holiday Putin the price of the admission actions of the party «Forward, Italy» which takes place in Milan.

The twenty-ninth of September, Berlusconi was the age of 82 years. According to him, the day he received congratulations from Putin, who «always special».

A year ago, the Italian politician also visited on the birthday of Russian leader in Sochi and gave him a huge duvet cover.

The birthdays of President

Earlier Peskov said that Putin usually spends birthday with family, but sometimes there are exceptions — for example, last year he had planned a whole string of telephone conversations and a meeting with members of the security Council of Russia.

In 2016 Putin noted the birthday, scoring seven goals in the match Night hockey League, and in 2014 went to Siberia and was almost nine kilometers.

According to the President himself, only once he had a chance to celebrate a birthday with a foreign colleague — it was the Chinese President XI Jinping. As recalled Putin, they celebrated modestly: «drank a glass of vodka, just cut some sausage.»