Siemens wants to move to Russia production of key elements of turbines for thermal power plants

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in photobacteria of Siemens in Moscow. Archival photoSiemens wants to move to Russia production of key elements of turbines for thermal power plants© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

Siemens in the framework of the 100% localization wants to transfer to Russia the production of key elements of high power gas turbines, is in talks including with a member of rostec’s United engine Corporation (UEC), told RIA Novosti Director of the Department «energy and gas» Siemens Oleg Titov on the sidelines of the Russian energy week.

«We are ready to reach 100% localization. This does not mean that we will produce 100% of the equipment Siemens. There is a certain ecosystem, within which will exist, hopefully, our joint venture (with «Power machines» — ed.). This company will work to procure parts needed for production of our large gas turbines, we are talking about the turbine 2000S, the Russian Federation, including the hot part… We want this technology to transfer to Russia for turbine 2000S. Here we see the partners look, with whom we will work,» — said Titov at a session of the Russian energy week.

«There are some enterprises: KMPO (Kazan motor production Association — ed.) «Gazenergoservis», UEC. We all will talk,» — said Titov RIA Novosti on the question of who are you negotiating with about a possible collaboration.

The so-called hot part is the combustion chamber fuel and gas turbine blades. This is a key technology in the production of turbines for thermal power plants, which manufacturers are rarely transmitted to new partners or to other countries. According to Titov, for Siemens, the blade casting is carried out only six companies in England, Germany and the USA. In Russia large gas turbines for thermal power plants are not produced, and the key problem, according to builders, is the lack of casting technology which will allow equipment to operate at high temperatures.

According to Titov, Siemens intends to transfer to Russia is casting.

«Yes, of course, that’s what you want. Will work. The only orders needed, no orders, nothing. There should be about 100 million dollars minimum to invest to a new furnace to buy, technology to run. Plus, the output of finished equipment 70-80% of marriage — this is normal. Blades — this is a special casting, inside the groove there, which provide access of air for cooling, is a very complex process», commented Titov RIA Novosti.