The London underground was pushed on the rails 91-year-old former head of the channel tunnel

British transport police have released the recording from the cameras where an attacker in a London subway platform resets with 91-year-old sir Robert Malpas, former head of the channel tunnel.

The footage shows how the 46-year-old Paul Crossley runs to Malpas on the platform and pushes his way.

It is reported that an elderly man was saved by the witness of the incident, a hotel worker Riyad al Hassani who, on hearing cries for help, jumped from the platform just a minute before the train arrived.

Malpas broke her pelvis and badly injured his head.

«I know that was wrong. I didn’t sleep well last night,» he said of police Paul Crossley, who at age 17 was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

The court found him guilty of the attempted murder of two persons. In April this year, he also tried to push on the rails of a young man.