Vorobyov told about the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions on the region

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in potamanthidae of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. Archival photoVorobyov told about the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions on the region© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

A powerful diversified economy of the suburbs saved the region from the effects of sanctions in 2014-2015, but the full losses could not be avoided, said the Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov.

«Traditionally the Moscow region is a very strong diversified economy. And she saved us in the 2014-15 year, when there were sanctions, was a very difficult situation, we were almost without losses of the regional budget», — he declared in interview to TV channel «360».

However, according to Vorobyov, the region, like the rest of Russia suffered from the sanctions, «it would be wrong to dismiss it and say that everything is fine».

«On the one hand, it would seem that everything is fine, but I want more. The flow of foreign money, the queue of foreign investors today. we do not see, but we are fighting for them. As a struggling Tatarstan Tula fights, how to fight many regions of our country. We are looking for partners in the talks with the different ambassadors and businessmen from various countries. They take a cautious stance. And, of course, we do our best to create a comfortable environment, but policy affects the economy, it matters,» added the Governor.

In addition, according to Vorobyev, despite negative consequences, most of the sanctions has made the Russians stronger, «the Russian character allowed to unite.»

«I think that sanctions should make us stronger. And, of course, is seen as both the President and our foreign Ministry is doing everything to break the ice. And steps seemingly in response to the aggression of European or American politicians, often our response is very Mature, very respectful. At least, I see,» — said Vorobyov.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated over the situation in Ukraine. At the end of July 2014, the EU and the USA from the point of sanctions against certain individuals and companies have moved to measures against entire sectors of the Russian economy. In response, Russia restricted imports of food products from countries that have imposed sanctions against her.Vorobyov told about the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions on the region© Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures