British musicians criticized Brexit in an open letter to Mei

© AP Photo / Markus SchreiberПевец and songwriter ed Sheeran. Archival photoBritish musicians criticized Brexit in an open letter to Mei© AP Photo / Markus Schreiber

Dozens of well-known representatives of the music industry in the UK has written to the Prime Minister Theresa may an open letter, which opposed Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, according to

According to the publication, a letter written by the Irish musician Bob Geldof, has signed such well-known composers, producers and performers, like ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, sting, Damon Albarn and others. They all believe that Brexit would cause irreparable damage to the cultural impact of UK and also hurt the career of the leaders of the music industry of the country.

«We dominate the market, and our musical groups, singers, musicians, authors, producers and technicians working throughout Europe and the world, but Brexit threaten it», — quotes the edition of the quote from the letter.

«We (Britain — ed.) are going to make a very serious mistake against our giant (music — ed) industry and a large number of as yet undiscovered talents who live on this small island,» added the band.

According to the authors of the letter, Brexit will affect all aspects of the music industry. The letter also noted that the costs of equipment, rent of Studio and performance tours increased dramatically after the devaluation of the pound, which occurred after the referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU.

«We decided to drive himself to established us prison,» say the authors of the letter.

The UK and EU must finally agree on the terms of their separation no later than Nov. If this is not done, the agreement on «divorce» may not be able to pass all necessary ratifications and will enter into force by the time of «divorce» — March 29, 2019. It threatens the «hard» Brexit — not only a break of Britain with the agreement and the legislative acts which it adheres, being a member of the EU, but the uncertainty regarding future relations with the European Union.