In Moscow almost a quarter less gas consumption

© Fotolia / pioregur Gas burners. Archival photoIn Moscow almost a quarter less gas consumption© Fotolia / pioregur

Gas consumption in recent years has decreased by almost a quarter, which saved the need for using backup fuel in the capital, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

«In recent years has reduced gas consumption by almost a quarter, it’s just a huge amount. If you imagine Moscow, the fourth part of the city is heated and provides energy savings resources, enormous resources,» — said Sobyanin in an interview with TV channel «Russia-1».

«So how much of the used fuel, gas, its not enough even in the autumn and winter when the peaks were loads. Then you have to turn on the backup fuel: fuel oil, coal, and all of it was released into the atmosphere. Today this is not» — said the mayor.