In the state Duma commented on the statements of the West about possible cyberattacks

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotomancer on the building of the State Duma on Okhotny Ryad street in MoscowIn the state Duma commented on the statements of the West about possible cyberattacks© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Warning the West about the massive cyber attacks in Russia in case of its alleged aggression is an attempt to justify their own actions for the further escalation of tensions in relations with Russia, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Dmitry Novikov.

Previously, the newspaper the Sunday Times, citing sources among high-ranking officers in the security forces announced that the UK Ministry of defence is considering the option of conducting massive cyber attacks to disable power supply in Russia in the case of «aggression.» It is noted that, if not to take into account the use of missiles with nuclear warheads, the UK does not possess a sufficient Arsenal of weapons to counter Russia. In this regard, the government came to the conclusion that a massive cyber attack is the only alternative to using nuclear weapons in response to «Russian aggression». Now, according to the newspaper, the British government wants to develop offensive cyberportal of the country, in the event of the need to «turn off the light in the Kremlin.»

«This kind of warning, such an assessment voiced by the representatives of the West means only one thing: they are not interested in the real picture and state of Affairs, they are preparing for further escalation in relations with Russia, and now do everything to justify aggressive actions by the fact that Russia itself violated international legal norms,» Novikov told RIA Novosti.

The MP noted that the phrase about «turning out the lights in the Kremlin» — a striking turnaround for attracting additional attention to the statement in General.

«The public responds most often it is on such shiny things. In this case, the brilliant thing is turning out the lights in the Kremlin. Of course, the goal is to once again demonize Russia and to declare that the West is ready to resist external pressure from Moscow, although in reality we are talking about the opposite situation,» — said the Deputy.

According to Novikov, in this case to resist such behavior is possible only by increasing the economic potential of the country.

«Any external threats can be prevented only if they are contrasted with the efficient, energetic, fast internal development. The main task today — to seriously revise the internal socio-economic policy, developing countries and thereby create a solid Foundation to prevent external dangers,» the MP said.