In Verona, despite the bad weather, was held in the ice show by Ilya Averbukh

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in fotoracconti in a scene from ice show of Ilya Averbukh’s Romeo and Juliet. Archival photoIn Verona, despite the bad weather, was held in the ice show by Ilya Averbukh© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The European premiere of ice show «Romeo and Juliet» directed by Ilya Averbukh was held on Saturday evening on the stage of Arena di Verona, a famous concert venue in outdoor antique amphitheatre in Italy.

The show was held despite the fact that a Grand cultural event in Verona all day it was raining. Shower verse to start, but then started again right after the famous scene at Juliet’s balcony.

The public can not use umbrellas. Some viewers are stocked up transparent ponchos, which were sold by the arena.

The scene is Verona arena, accustomed to the classical operas and concerts of world artists, changed his appearance for a new interpretation of the eternal story about a naive and honest love between two teenagers. The total area of the scene, prepared to conduct ice show was more than 800 square meters. The event has sold over 8 million tickets.

His start was delayed almost an hour. As reported by RIA Novosti the organizers to deal with the rainwater that covered the entire ice stage «was rigged power» on all freezer units.

Despite their efforts, even after the start of play on the sides of the stage remained until the end of the frozen water. However, this did not prevent the artists to show all their skills to live music.

As reported by RIA Novosti before the show is its Creator, Ilya Averbukh tour in Verona have become a huge challenge for the Russian ice projects, as the first «Russian show travels abroad on such a scale».

«To perform on this arena for us, always acting in the ice palaces, where there are no problems with the weather, is an even greater challenge,» said famous skater.

The cast consists of 6 Olympic Champions. Starring Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin. Alexei Yagudin and Roman Kostomarov brought images of Mercutio and Tybalt, and Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar played Prince and Princess of Verona.

Also show will feature 22 athletes of international class 14 artists ice ballet, singers, dancers and musicians.

With skaters engaged in professional fencers, choreographers and acting coaches, and 160 costumes were created by a team of artists.