Named the winner of the show «the Voice of 60+»

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinakovaya show the Voice. Archival photoNamed the winner of the show «the Voice of 60+»© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov

A finalist of the first season of «60+» was 62-year-old native of Siberia Lydia Muzaleva from the team Pelagia, the final competition for older singers were broadcast on the First channel.

«The voice of the 60+» is a vocal adaptation of the Dutch format «the Voice» as a Senior, its premiere took place almost simultaneously with the premiere of the original show in Holland. The project is also preparing to launch in Germany, Belgium, Spain, the UK and other countries. The show’s host Dmitry Nagiyev.

«Perhaps today this is my favorite project,» — said the chief producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta, presenting the award to the winner.

According to the chief producer of the show, «the Voice of 60+» features «sincerity and depth of feelings». According to tradition, the finalist of «the Voice» receives a cash prize, but this time the audience was waiting for innovation.

«Today, Konstantin Lvovich Ernst came up with yet another prize from the First channel. We will release a big vinyl disc… with songs of «the Voice» and hand it to you an edition of a hundred copies,» — said Aksyuta, referring to the winner.

Also in the final of «the Voice of 60+», the audience had the opportunity to choose a «Best mentor of the season.» You can vote it on the TV with Hbb TV functionality, interactive player on the website of the First channel and in a mobile application «Voice» and «First». The best mentor was recognized Pelageya, it was voted by 38% of viewers who successfully exploited this technical opportunity.

The income of the First channel and other partners, assembled during the audience voting this Friday, will be transferred to the charity Fund of help people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), «Live now.»

The country has made its choice: the winner of #Голос60+ becomes Lydia Muzaleva!

— #Голос60+ (@voice1tv) 5 Oct 2018