The PMC intends to ascertain the reasons for fighting in the Omsk colony

© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna in fotomontagen in the colony. Archival photoThe PMC intends to ascertain the reasons for fighting in the Omsk colony© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna the image Bank

Public monitoring Committee in the Omsk region in the framework of its powers supervise the investigation of the causes of the mass brawl in the penal colony №6 Federal penitentiary service of Russia, earlier complaints about her in the PMC are not reported, according to RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the PMC Natalia Bugrova, which on Sunday went to the colony.

According to UFSIN across the region, the evening of 6 October, a group of convicts tried to persuade him to revolt the other prisoners, resulting in between them and a fight ensued. The personnel of the institutions were alerted. According to the UK, in the fight suffered more than 20 people. A criminal case under article of the criminal code «Disorganization of activity of institutions providing isolation from a society». The Prosecutor’s office of Omsk region organized verification of compliance with the requirements of the laws in the colony.

«We do not check, do not have such authority. We will implement only public control. We can go look at the territory of the colony, as prisoners are fed, have medical care as how their way of life, leisure. We always look at the appearance, bruises, abrasions, cuts, but now we in principle don’t see complaints about the conditions of detention does not arrive. What happened … you need to work, to talk, to understand. We certainly will understand, because it’s things that should not happen», — said the Deputy Chairman of the PMC.

Bugrov said that before any complaints or appeals in the Public monitoring Commission on the conditions of detention in IK-6 were reported. «Today we met with relatives who approached the colony, but mass conversions were not,» she said, noting that, nevertheless, all the powers of the PMCS to monitor the investigation and the reasons will be made.

«We was there today from lunch more than five hours. What we today there was, very important because in such situations we can refuse, not to let the territory. But, nevertheless, we have been informed that this is happening, let. This is also a kind of indicator… That is all done, so we can be aware of the situation. None of us have nothing to hide does not become,» said she.

Bugrov added that now the situation in the colony became in normal mode.