Ushakov commented on the victory of his party in the elections in Latvia

© Photo : official page of the Nile Ushakov Ushakov FacebookНил at a polling stationUshakov commented on the victory of his party in the elections in Latvia© Photo : official page of the Nile Ushakov in Facebook

Won the elections to the Latvian Saeima, the party «Consent» must be given the opportunity to form a Cabinet of Ministers, wrote in Facebook the leader of the party, the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov.

«The President of Latvia can not provide the ability to Vyacheslav Dombrovsky (the candidate in Prime Ministers from the «Consent». — Approx. ed.) to create a new Cabinet. By the way, Dombrowski has also personally received the most number of advantages among candidates from all parties,» wrote Ushakov.

According to him, without «Consent» a workable coalition in the Sejm creation will fail.

«Given the fragmentation of the new Parliament, the creation of any workable coalition without the votes of «Consent» and our voters will not be possible in General. The government of five or six parties with diametrically smart values will not be able to function normally by definition and can not bring any change. In turn, socially responsible approach and the idea of reconciliation between the Latvians and non-Latvians should become a stabilizing Foundation to any government,» — said the mayor of Riga.

According to the CEC, «Consent», which enjoys the support of the Russian-speaking population of Latvia, scored almost 20% of the votes and took first place. The second was the party KPV LV (14,06%), the third — the New conservative party (13,6%), fourth — unification of the parties «the Movement!» (12,04%), fifth — Association «All — Latvia» (of 11.03%). In the diet are also the Union «green» and peasants (of 9.96%) and «a New Unity» (6,67%). The rest does not overcome the five percent barrier.