Weekend in Moscow: the exhibition Kuindzhi, «venom» and a festival of solo performances Solo

© Photo : press service of the Museum of Russian impressionistically the exhibition David Burliuk. THE WORD TO ME! the Museum of Russian impressionismWeekend in Moscow: the exhibition Kuindzhi, «venom» and a festival of solo performances Solo© Photo : press service of the Museum of Russian impressionism

Large-scale exhibition of Arkhip Kuindzhi in the Tretyakov gallery, the opening of the season in MDM premiere «a Show that went wrong», the blockbuster «venom» with Tom hardy in the title role, and the theater festival of solo performances Solo can see Muscovites and visitors of capital this weekend.


The exhibition «Arkhip Kuindzhi» was opened in Tretyakov gallery in Lavrushinsky lane. The project is more than 180 selected works of the author from the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, regional museums and museums of the CIS countries. The exhibition includes both famous and iconic of the artist’s work and numerous studies and sketches.

The Exhibition «David Burliuk. The word to me!» at the Museum of Russian impressionism devoted to the work of the «father of Russian futurism», a pioneer of performance art, a talented poet and patron of Mayakovsky. The exhibition includes works by Burliuk 1900-1930-ies of the 12 state museums and private collections 10.

In a Large wine storage Center for contemporary art «Winery» continues its work III main exhibition of the Biennale of street art wave «Atmosfera», which presents the work of more than 40 graffiti artists. The exhibition extended to October 31, inclusive.


A fantastic film by Ruben Fleischer «venom» with Tom hardy in the title role tells the reporter Eddie Brock, who possesses an alien creature venom, giving him superhuman strength. Together they are capable of almost anything.

In the melodrama of Bradley Cooper «a Star is born» — remake of the Hollywood classic is a leading lady debuted the singer Lady Gaga. She played a young singer Ellie, which leads to the success of the forgotten musician Jackson Maine, in the performance of Cooper. Most of the songs in the film written and performed by Gaga and Cooper.

The fans Danila Kozlovsky can see him as a cool guy (Kisa) from Vladivostok in the movie «district,» which was directed by friend of the actor Olga Zueva. The main characters kitty and Dylan (Ilya Malanin) earn money doing illegal activities. Their life is spent in pursuit of thrills, yet another order does not bring the friendship to the main test.

Comedy in the best French tradition of «my wife’s Lover» filmed the famous actor Daniel Auteuil and performed it as one of the main male roles. The film also played Gerard Depardieu. In the film, family-oriented Daniel (Auteuil) suddenly falls in love with a young beauty, which to him came to visit his friend Patrick (Depardieu). Daniel indulges in all serious.


The new season at the theatre of MDM will open on Saturday with a premiere of «a Very funny Comedy about how a show went wrong» directed by English Director Sean Turner. The play a big success in London and on Broadway. «The story of the play the troupe of actors, the losers of the society of lovers of the theatre of the Polytechnic University are trying to put the detective of Agatha Christie. All their attempts turn into a series of comical situations which they try in vain to cope. The main roles are performed by the actors of the leading theatres of Moscow, including the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, Theatre of Nations, the Vakhtangov Theatre, Peter Fomenko’s Workshop, «Lenk», «Satyricon», and the actors of the Moscow musicals.

The musical «flying ship» directed by Yegor Druzhinin in the concert hall «Izmailovo» on the eponymous Soviet cartoon designed for the entire family. The role of Princess Fun, dreaming about true love, was performed by Anastasia Stotskaya, in the play will sound familiar childhood songs and brand new songs by Yuri Entin and Maxim Dunaevsky.

The Biennale of theatre arts in the coach house Museum named after Bakhrushin 6 October will be held a master class conductor Simone, Fermani — the only living direct descendants of the composer Giuseppe Verdi, the works of the great composer is one of the priorities in the repertoire, Fermani. The Maestro will speak about specific aspects of the relationship of conductor and orchestra.

In the Theatre center «na Strastnom» is one of the most conceptual theatrical events of autumn – a festival of solo performances Solo. The best works in the genre of solo performance show theatres from Russia, France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg. Sunday on the Main stage will take place performance «Fix live» National dramatic centre of Normandy and Rouen, directed by Emmanuel noble.


In the Museum-reserve «Tsaritsyno», in the atrium of the Bread house, on Saturday will open the international festival «Musical October». Works by Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann will be performed by laureates of international contests: saxophonist Nikita Agafonov, violinist Liana, Gorgia, violist Sergey Poltavskiy, cellist Nikolay Shugaev and pianist Nikolai Tokarev. In the Catherine hall of the Grand Palace, on Sunday will celebrate the 100th anniversary of mimodrame «History soldier» by composer Igor Stravinsky.

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in Photobacterium-Park ensemble of the Museum-reserve «Tsaritsyno». Archival photoWeekend in Moscow: the exhibition Kuindzhi, «venom» and a festival of solo performances Solo© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in Photobacterium-Park ensemble of the Museum-reserve «Tsaritsyno». Archive photo

Famous Russian group «Elysium», describing his style as «space-rock», will perform on Saturday in Главсlub.

Japanese metal band Dir En Grey will perform at Red club on Sunday. The group not only performs the songs, the stage for her theatrical stage for the shocking performance. Vocalist Kyo, the owner of a unique band, often compared to Mike Patton and Diamandi galas.