Added urged Democrats to unite Brazil before the second round of elections

© AFP 2018 / Daniel RamalhoБразильский politician Fernando Haddad. Archival photoAdded urged Democrats to unite Brazil before the second round of elections© AFP 2018 / Daniel Ramalho

Past the second round of the presidential elections the candidate of the workers ‘ Party of Fernando Haddad said that democracy in Brazil is facing serious risks and urged to unite ahead of the second round.

As a result of counting 98% of the votes is in the lead in the first round of right-wing candidate from the Social liberal party Hair Bolsonaro from 46.3% at the second — leftist candidate from the workers ‘ Party, Fernando Haddad from 28.8%. The last two advance to the second round of elections on October 28, will determine where the new head of state.

«I want to thank the party and the leadership of President Lula. I also want to say that I am very grateful for all the votes that were cast for me,» said Added his supporters in Sao Paulo. Broadcast performances led channel Globo.

«I would like to emphasise that the results of the first round is a challenge in the sense that they show the risks faced by democracy in Brazil. The opportunity to advance to the second round is an opportunity for us to use it judiciously. We want to unite the Democrats of Brazil, we want to unite people who are thinking about the poorest layers of the population. We want this project to Brazil, which would be democratic, with which they are constantly looking for social justice,» he added.

General elections were held in Brazil on Sunday. The inhabitants of the country chose the President, governors and parliamentarians.

Brazil — the largest country in South America, has the largest among the countries of the continent’s economic potential and strong resource base.