Forecasters warned residents of the southern States of India about the impending storm

© Indian space research organization (ISRO) Photo of the Earth from space (India), transferred to the Indian satellite Aussat-2 (Oceansat-2) of the Indian space research organization (ISRO)Forecasters warned residents of the southern States of India about the impending storm© Indian space research organization (ISRO)

Storm warning announced in the South of India in connection with the approaching rains and squally wind, which will bring the nascent cyclone from the Arabian sea in the coming days.

As reported on Monday, the Meteorological Department of India, heavy rainfall is likely to fall on the States Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry, and the Union of the island territory of Lakshadweep. The coast guard here was put on high alert, fishermen are recommended to return to the harbour and not to go to the deep sea within the next 12 hours.

The meteorologists about an approaching storm sounded in the background of efforts by Indian authorities to restore some of the southern areas of the country affected by the most destructive in the last 100 years of monsoon. In Kerala the victims of the heavy rainfall and resulting floods and landslides, according to official statistics, since August 8, more than 450 people.

In addition, the lack of potable water and basic medicines in the region provoked an outbreak of leptospirosis — a dangerous infection that claimed the lives of dozens of local residents. The damage caused to the Kerala, is estimated at about 200 billion rupees (2.9 billion dollars).