In Abkhazia freed kidnapped Petersburg businessman

© Sputnik / Thomas Thick the building of the General Prosecutor’s office of Abkhazia. Archival photoIn Abkhazia freed kidnapped Petersburg businessman© Sputnik / Thomas Thick

Abducted in Abkhazia St. Petersburg businessman Maxim Yakovlev was released. About this Sputnik Abkhazia announced assistant attorney General of the Republic of Daur Amichba.

«The kidnappers returned the Maxim Yakovlev. Yesterday, he came to the Prosecutor General, gave evidence. After that, he went home. Will continue the search for the criminals who kidnapped businessman, and the place where he was kept all this time,» said Amica.

He did not specify whether to pay for the entrepreneur’s ransom.

The investigation into the kidnapping of a businessman is in development, the General Prosecutor of Abkhazia. Also in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on kidnapping of the citizen of Russia Maxim Yakovlev with the aim of ransom.

Yakovlev was stolen on the night of June 20, 2018 from hotels in New Athos three unknown armed people in masks. They knocked the door and took the entrepreneur in an unknown direction.

In the cache of a hotel room, where kidnapped Russian businessman, was discovered a large sum of money, which were seized in presence of witnesses.

After some time his wife sent a handwritten message asking to collect 200 million rubles. According to preliminary data, the handwriting belongs to Yakovlev.