In IFRC told about the negative effects of climate change

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Global climate change complicates the provision of assistance in emergency situations, said on Monday at the International Federation of red cross and red Crescent societies.

In 2017, the IFRC has provided assistance to more than 8 million people in 110 emergencies, of which more than half was associated with the weather. National red cross and red Crescent societies are also seeing an increase in migrations due to adverse climatic conditions.

«Over half of our operations today directly relate to situations involving weather, and many others are aggravated by climatic shock and stress. If a similar situation exists today, it is difficult to realize the size of the crises that vulnerable communities will face in the world, where the temperature will be 1.5 or 2 degrees above», — quotes the press service of the President Francesco Rocca, IFRC.

According to him, would only affect people who are now struggling to survive because of poverty, armed conflicts and insecurity. Therefore, the international community must redouble its efforts, including financial, to assist such communities.

Rocca stressed that the planned in Poland, 3 December, the conference on climate change COP-24 should develop rules for the implementation of the Paris climate agreement.

«Nobody can afford half-measures. Our existence in the future depends on it», — said the President of the IFRC.