In London hoping to agree Brexit from the EU by mid-November

© 2018 AFP / Daniel Leal-OlivasДемонстрант with the flags of the EU and the UK in Central London. Archival photoIn London hoping to agree Brexit from the EU by mid-November© 2018 AFP / Daniel Leal-Olivas

You should not believe in the imminent agreement between the London and Brussels conditions Brexit, but the British government is doing everything possible to create the document by mid-November, said the official representative of the Prime Minister of great Britain.

«(Formation) of the final agreement has to be some movement from the EU in the negotiations on Brexit. People should not trust too much optimistic comments about the prospects for a quick deal … the Government is working to agree (by agreement) this fall,» — said the representative of the Prime Minister to journalists on Monday.

He called the deadline for agreeing on the text of the agreement mid-November. Earlier media reported that the parties are unable to agree on a «deal» by the end of next week or for the upcoming Thursday the EU summit.

«The British government and the EU must come from an unofficial deadline for the deal by mid-November,» — said the representative of the Prime Minister.

The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019. London and Brussels planned in October to agree on the provisions of the agreement on «divorce», however, due to persisting conflicts in the negotiation process can take several weeks.