In Moscow in 2018 dropped nearly a million Salvi

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in fotoracconti in the square at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow. Archival photoIn Moscow in 2018 dropped nearly a million Salvi© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya the image Bank

Nearly a million Calvi landed in Moscow this year, RIA news in the urban center (kgkh) of the capital on Monday.

«About 1 million Salvia planted in the capital in 2018. For decoration of the capital experts GBU «Greening» every year they grow about one million salve various colors,» the message reads.

As explained in the complex, Salvia brilliant graces parks, squares and streets of the city. Small but very sturdy plant is widely used in city landscaping, and a variety of varieties with white, red, purple and pink color greatly enhances the layout of this plant in the garden. In our latitudes Salvia are cultivated as annuals.

«Salvia made to call those types, which are used for decorative purposes. A species used for medicinal purposes and herbs and are called by sage. But don’t forget that Salvia is a sage, just grow it for ornamental purposes», — said in kgkh.

So, in the wild Salvia grows in temperate and tropical regions of any of the parts of the world except Australia. The name of this plant comes from the Latin word «salvus» translated «to be healthy» as there are species of Salvia with medicinal properties.