In the Tver region check passagirskiy transport after an accident 13 dead

© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate in fotobanka the scene of an accident involving passenger bus and a minibus in the Tver regionIn the Tver region check passagirskiy transport after an accident 13 dead© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate the image Bank

Authorities in Tver region have been instructed to conduct extensive testing in the field of passenger transport in the region after an accident involving two buses that killed 13 people, reports on Monday, the government of the region.

The accident happened in the Kalinin district, Tver region near the village of Nekrasovo on Friday morning. Faced trip bus a LiAZ, EN route from Rzhev, and a Ford Transit minibus traveling from Tver. According to the MOE, the accident killed 13 people — the driver and passengers of the Ford Transit, one more passenger of the minibus and the driver and passenger Lyase was hospitalized.

Monday, October 8, the Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya at the organizational meeting with members of the governments of the region gave a number of assignments in connection with the accident.

«The scale of the tragedy is very large. In the transportation of passengers is not allowed even the slightest negligence. It is necessary to direct all forces in preventing such incidents,» said Rodina.

According to the regional government, the Ministry of transport of the Tver region is mandated to perform state of the market of passenger transportation and to «take the necessary measures to restore order in this area to ensure maximum security of people.»

The Governor also drew attention to the work of the school buses, ambulances, taxis. Ministries of education, health, social protection of the population requested to organize a briefing with the persons responsible for the implementation of these traffic drivers, and also check the status of vehicle safety.

In addition, at the farm, with the words, it is necessary to pay special attention to equipment layout noise on country roads to improve the alertness of drivers.

The authorities announced on October 6 and 7 in the cities of Rzhev and Staritsa, the inhabitants of which were killed in the accident, in mourning. According to the regional government, the relatives of the victims will provide financial assistance to 200 thousand roubles to each family. Injured in the accident, will receive 100 thousand rubles. The money will be allocated from the reserve Fund of the Governor. The relatives of the victims will receive insurance benefits in accordance with applicable law.