Kleimenov returned to TV program «Time»

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Head of Directorate of information programmes of the First channel Kirill Kleimenov again will lead the evening program «Time», told RIA Novosti on Monday in the Directorate of public relations channel.

«Yes, Kleimenov returns as the lead,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

«In today’s world news ceased to be the fact that you know only from TV. News is available 24 hours a day. At some point it became clear that we must seek a new information format that not just offers the viewer a set of events, but also helps it to navigate and to understand. To offer a point of view from which the viewer may agree or not. This experimental format was launched by us last winter, in the framework of the program «Time», and after a pause, we decided to continue in the new season,» he said Kleimenov, quoted in the press-service channel.

Kleimenov in February, is back as the lead in the program «Time», which airs on weekdays on the European territory of Russia, succeeding Catherine Andreyev and Vitaliy Yeliseyev. They were «Time» on television, designed for different time zones, and has also appeared in the air to the Central part of Russia this weekend. In may Kleymenov declared, will no longer lead the news program «Vremya», and the program on weekdays for the European part of Russia once again will conduct alternately Elisha and Andreev.

As told RIA Novosti source Andreeva and Elisha will lead the program «Time» on Saturdays and Sundays, and also appear in daily editions of the programme on weekdays for other time zones.