One of the prisoners of Omsk penal colony is in intensive care after surgery

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Sedentarily. Archival photoOne of the prisoners of Omsk penal colony is in intensive care after surgery© RIA Novosti / Alexey kudenko

Four prisoners are in hospital after a mass brawl in the Omsk penal colony No. 6, one of them is in serious but stable condition in intensive care after the surgery, told reporters the Commissioner of the Omsk region on human rights Irina Kasyanov.

According to UFSIN across the region, the evening of 6 October, a group of convicts tried to persuade him to revolt the other prisoners, among them and a fight ensued. The personnel of the institutions were alerted. According to the UK, in the fight suffered more than 20 people. A criminal case under article of the criminal code «disorganization of activity of institutions providing isolation from a society». The Prosecutor’s office of Omsk region organized verification of compliance with the requirements of the laws in the colony.

«In fact violence was used against those people who’re on the path of correction, they were the victims of about 20 people. Four of them are now receiving treatment at the hospital,» said the Ombudsman, who visited the hospital.

Kasyanov said that all the victims were taken first to the medical unit of the colony, where he received first medical aid on the evening of 6 October and the morning of 7 October, four ended up in the insane asylum. A convict, she said, operated on, he is in intensive care in one of the city hospitals.

«While his condition is serious but stable. As soon as the opportunity to visit it, we’ll do it,» she said.

Earlier in the FPS noted that the instigators of the mass brawl demanded cell phones, free movement on the territory of the colony and the exemption from penal insulators offenders of the regime. They were isolated from other prisoners. On Monday, the administration announced that the colony is operating normally, the strike none of the prisoners had not been announced.