Over two thousand Muscovites left suggestions about navigation in the metro

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobanka M at the entrance to the station of the Moscow metro. Archival photoOver two thousand Muscovites left suggestions about navigation in the metro© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

More than 2 thousand passengers of the Moscow metro have expressed their wishes and suggestions for the improvement of navigation in the subway, while the city residents comment on the change navigation at the metro station «Pushkinskaya», said RIA Novosti, first Deputy head of the Moscow metro, strategic development and client work Roman Latypov.

Subway is a great upgrade navigation. The layouts previously provided to passengers are updated based on their comments. The new signs font increased by 16% compared to the previous version. To see an example of changes passengers can at the station «Pushkinskaya», where from 1 to 7 October placed a temporary navigation items with modified design.

«More than 2 thousand passengers gave their suggestions for the improvement of navigation in the station through a social network, mobile app, or by mail [email protected] In order that the review could leave and those passengers who do not use gadgets, the inspectors JMTC (Center mobility passengers) started to collect the opinions of the public directly at the stations. On September 24-a survey conducted at 13 stations. Passengers can also leave comments on racks «Live communication,» — said Latypov.

According to him, most likely the passengers commented on the change in the navigation at the station «Pushkinskaya», where for two days the staff of the metro has received about 500 responses. As explained by Deputy head of the subway, the activity of passengers at the Pushkinskaya connected with the implementation of the pilot project. The passengers can compare the new indices with the former and to give their assessment.

«Commenting on the overall navigation in the Moscow metro, passengers are suggested to make brighter and larger print on signs, to place guide signs with a full list of stations, to make the guidelines «out of town» more prominent or more to place outdoor signs. These suggestions formed the basis of the changes in the navigation on «Pushkin» — said Latypov.