Regional cellular operators opposed the abolition of roaming charges, write media

© Fotolia / Andrey PopovСим card for mobile phone. Archival photoRegional cellular operators opposed the abolition of roaming charges, write media© Fotolia / Andrey Popov

Regional carriers sent a letter to the government about the negative consequences of the abolition of the charging of incoming calls in national roaming, wrote «Kommersant» with reference to sources.

In particular, operators warned of future losses that will entail a summer passed in the first reading of the bill. Regional operators are sure that you will not be able to compensate for the loss because it still will have to pay the full cost of the roaming partners in regions where you do not have a network.

According to the publication, the issue discussed on 1 October, at a closed meeting with the Director of the Department of information technology and communications, government of Vladislav Fedulov. It was attended by the representatives of the «big four» and regional «Motive» (working in the Sverdlovsk, Kurgan regions and Khanty) and «Tattelekom» (Tatarstan). According to the results the participants have to make a decision that will be sent to the state Duma for revision of the bill to abolish roaming charges, told the newspaper one of the sources.

FAS do not agree that this problem exists. The head of Department of regulation of communications and information technology Services Elena zaeva said that the treatment of regional operators was considered together with the Ministry of communications and expressed confidence that the cancellation of fees for incoming «will have no negative impact on the activities of the operators and cannot be the basis for the growth of tariffs».

However, in the «Motive» insist that the losses are inevitable.

«The operators are clearly losing money. It is still unclear how the scheme fit with regional operators and on what conditions they should use the network of the feds for traveling customers,» — said the representative of the company.

All this should be described in secondary legislation, which is not just yet, he added. «Motive» also expressed the hope to change the bill.

In addition, the meeting expressed concerns that the abolition of charges for incoming roaming may suffer and virtual operators, said one of the participants. In «Rostelecom» did not agree, stressing that the implications for MVNO operators and the traditional market players will have serious differences.

In «Tinkoff mobile» and «mobile savings Bank» running on the Tele2 network, reminded, and so do not have tariffs and conditions in-network national roaming. In «Tinkoff mobile» does not yet share the concerns of colleagues, but promised to participate actively in the discussion.

The abolition of roaming in Russia

In Russia there are several types of roaming: national, on-net and separately in the Crimea. Intranet roaming works within a network throughout the country and varies from region to region. National acts when the network provider is not in any region.

The elimination of roaming charges was preceded by years of discussion.

Last summer, the FAS issued a warning to «the big four» and demanded to solve the problem of unreasonably high prices for on-net roaming, which actually means its abolition. The dispute ended in August, when all market players have complied with the requirements of the regulator.

The process of abolition of national roaming ran parallel and ended faster. In August 2017, the FAS initiated proceedings against the largest operators in March of the violations have been corrected, and the case closed.

In July, the lower house of Parliament adopted in first reading a bill which provides for the liquidation of a Russian national and on-net roaming.