The court on 20 November will consider the appeal of «Victory» in hand Luggage

© Depositphotos / edmond77Девушка removes the hand Luggage compartment in the cabin. Archival photoThe court on 20 November will consider the appeal of «Victory» in hand Luggage© Depositphotos / edmond77

The appeal of the airline «Victory» in the Supreme court on the issue of hand Luggage will be considered on 20 November, said CEO of loukoster Andrey Kalmykov.

Judicial Board on administrative cases of the Russian Supreme court in August rejected the claim of the airline to the transport Ministry did not withdraw from the Federal aviation regulations a list of things that passengers can take with you on the plane excess baggage.

«We went to court. The court was not on our side, but we believe that this solution still infringes on the rights of passengers in terms of security, and filed a notice of appeal, 20 November the Supreme court held appeal hearing,» – said Kalmykov, the TV channel «Russia 24».

New rules on hand baggage in the airplane entered into force in November last year. Thus, the free baggage allowance hand Luggage set by the airline, may not be less than five kilograms. In addition, the passenger is entitled to bring a number of things, including a handbag, backpack, men’s briefcase, garment bag, bouquet of flowers, baby cradle, crutches, rollator, outerwear.

«Victory» has decided to challenge the rules of transportation of hand baggage, as, in the opinion of the carrier, they do not take into account the capacity of bins of aircraft. As noted by the CEO of the airline, due to the fact that the flights «Victory» is almost always 100% load, passengers can carry on Board only the calculated allowance (36*30*27 cm). In excess of these dimensions is nothing more to accommodate impossible, said Kalmykov. This «Victory» did not require delisting wheelchair, rollators, walkers, crutches, carry cots.